Writing a novel in a month

Each November a global writing challenge called NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) takes place online. Anyone can take part, and the idea is to commit to writing 50,000 words, roughly the minimum for a novel, by the end of November.

I’ve known about this for a few years but, until this year, didn’t feel inclined to give it a go. For most of this year I’ve written virtually no fiction, and I thought NaNoWriMo might be the push I need to get me going again.


I signed up to the project a few weeks ago, and during that time have debated about whether or not to continue with it. I didn’t want to advertise the fact that I was attempting to do it if I thought it likely I would give up part of the way through. Also, I had absolutely no idea what to write about. I thought for days and days, but nothing was coming to me.

Then, a couple of days ago, I remembered a recent suggestion my dad had made. He’s very helpful in my writing endeavours but, rather overwhelmingly, has an almost constant train of ideas for new writing projects he thinks I could tackle. I didn’t tell him I was thinking of doing NaNoWriMo, and in fact he will only learn of it when he reads this post, but one particular idea he had has begun forming itself into a story in my head. I hope the tale will continue to grow and develop, and sustain me until at least the end of November.

Writing 50,000 words in a month means coming up with an average of around 1,667 every day (more, in fact, because there will inevitably be some I delete along the way, making the total harder to reach by 30 November). I expect to find the daily word count quite a tall order, and I know from past experience that there are days when I struggle to come up with 700 words, never mind more. However, I also know that on a good day I can pass the 2,000 mark. Hopefully, by the end of the month, I won’t be too far off the 50,000 word goal.

Only time will tell, and I’ll do another post at the end of the month to report how I’ve got on. In readiness for the weeks ahead, I intend to spend time in the chocolate biscuit aisle of my local supermarket tomorrow selecting some special energy-giving treats.

A wonderfully chocolatey, gingery Border’s Dark Chocolate Ginger biscuit, something I might well hunt down tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Writing a novel in a month

  1. I’m a bit late coming to this post, Lorna, but I hope all is going well and that you managed to get stocked up with those delicious looking choccy biscuits! Good luck with it all – what a fantastic challenge. I look forward to hearing about your progress!


  2. Sustenance & fuel are the way to go when tackling a project. Luckily, as a food blogger I know I always have snacks on hand. Though I mightn’t necessarily get round to the writing bit.

    I’ve got faith in you Lorna, determination is in your veins!


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