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Farm signs: plough and cow

Many of Scotland’s farms have their names made into attractive signs posted at their entrances. I’ve often thought I should try and collect photographs of them.

The other day my mum and I were out for a walk near the town of Alyth in Perthshire, along a small road that cuts through Strathmore Golf Course. Across the road from the clubhouse stood a farm sign featuring a horse and ploughman, bearing the name ‘Leroch’.

No longer a working farm, Leroch is currently up for sale as a residential development site. A road to the left of the trees in the photograph below leads down to the old farm buildings, which are attractively situated on one side of the golf course.


A little further on we came to a working farm, featuring another commonly seen farm animal. The sign refers to ‘farms’ plural; presumably at least one of the businesses involves cattle of some sort.


It was a very cold afternoon, but beautifully sunny. The low angle sunlight made the countryside glow.


3 thoughts on “Farm signs: plough and cow

  1. Lovely photos, Lorna! Your idea is a good one, to collect pics of those farm signs. It’s made me think of a few I’ve seen on our travels but now I can’t remember where! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Darlene, the lighting was nice that day. That’s one interesting thing about the winter time in these northern latitudes, the lighting is so different from other times of year.


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