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Friday Photo: Portpatrick Harbour

Boats in Portpatrick Harbour, in the south-west of Scotland.

Portpatrick is a small coastal village in the far south-west of Scotland, and only a few years ago the state of its harbour was a cause for concern. Suffering from poor facilities and disintegrating infrastructure, there was serious doubt over its future as a working port. Desperate to prevent it from falling into disuse, local villagers formed a trust and bought the harbour from its private owners.

By 2015, struggling to pay back a loan that had been used to finance the purchase, the villagers decided to sell shares in the harbour to raise money. The trust became Scotland’s first community benefit society (an organisation run entirely for the benefit of the local community, with profits being put back into the community rather than given to shareholders). Three weeks after the shares went on sale the trust had raised the money they needed (¬£100,000).

A new film called Keepers, starring Gerard Butler, is currently being filmed in the area. The film is inspired by the true story of three lighthouse keepers who mysteriously disappeared from the remote Flannan Isles (off the north-west of Scotland) in 1900. Portpatrick harbour is one of the locations being used for the film.


6 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Portpatrick Harbour

  1. How wonderful that the community did everything to save the harbour. It looks very picturesque!! It looks like a Lifeboat tied up there. The movie sounds good and will bring in more income for the community. Love Gerard Butler.


    1. It is a picturesque place, Darlene, and has a nice atmosphere. You’re quite right about the lifeboat, Portpatrick’s been a lifeboat station for well over 100 years. The movie’s based on quite an intriguing mystery so I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

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  2. I didn’t know that! (The Flannan Isles mystery I did know about.) I keep meeting people who love Portpatrick but I’ve never been there and this is the first photo I’ve seen of it. I’ll keep an eye out for that film.


    1. It’s a very attractive place. I remember a taxi driver waxing lyrical about it when I told him I’d been on holiday in Galloway. He had been driving down that way and stumbled across it almost by accident. The way he spoke it was as if he’d uncovered a secret place hidden away from the rest of humanity, and it does have that sort of feel about it. I’d be interested to see that film when it comes out, too.


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