Friday photo: visitor

A week ago we had an unexpected visitor in the garden. After helping himself to a few strawberries and buttercups he spent some time sunning himself on the grass. He seemed quite at home amongst the herbs.

peacock in the garden

Peacocks are not a common sight where I live, so it was quite a surprise to see him. I think he must have moved into the neighbourhood recently because I’ve seen him a few times now.



  1. Oh wow! That is an extraordinary garden bird! I hope he comes back. We used to have peacocks when I was little – I had one as a pet. Not that he was particularly domesticated!


    • That’s quite a way to get blown off course. There are peacocks at a chalet complex about 2 miles away and I thought he
      might have come from there. My mum phoned and left messages for them but they never replied, so either he isn’t one of theirs or they don’t want to admit it. I’ve never seen one fly but I’ve seen this one on the next-door neighbour’s roof so unless he has a secret ladder I think he must have flown up.


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