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Friday photo: Cateran Trail

The road in this picture forms part of the Cateran Trail, a walking route of 64 miles (103 km) through Perthshire and Angus. The trail follows ancient tracks across moorland, through forests and along metalled farm tracks. (Small mother on the road for scale.)

The Cateran Trail near Alyth, Perthshire, 12 July 2017.

4 thoughts on “Friday photo: Cateran Trail

    1. It was lovely and peaceful, apart from baaing sheep and some farm machinery in the background. I think I’d like the area you grew up in, I find this sort of rolling farmland very restful.

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  1. Lovely and bucolic. I like to hear the baaing of sheep. I lived in the north country of New Hampshire for eight years and it was very peaceful, lovely…… and cold. Sheep, wool, spinning and weaving were all very big there. I attended many sheep shearings at the home of a friend while there and learned to spin and dye wool. Not much of that down here in Georgia. I have to say that I miss it dreadfully sometimes.

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