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Friday photo: unicorn on a bicycle

The Fife village of Pittenweem has become well known in recent years for its decorated bicycles. Each year, as part of Pittenweem in Bloom, bicycles pop up all over the place as vehicles for floral displays. Today’s photo depicts the magnificent rainbow-coloured beast I saw parked outside the post office a few days ago.

Unicorn on a bicycle


13 thoughts on “Friday photo: unicorn on a bicycle

    1. I have a vague recollection of seeing decorated scarecrows although I can’t think where I’ve seen such a thing. Could it be more something you find in England rather than Scotland? I don’t know who thought up the bicycle idea but Pittenweem’s been doing it for a few years now and it seems to have become an annual event. I saw some other lovely ones but I think the unicorn was my favourite.


  1. Beautiful…… great combination of color. The flowers are very nice. I remember for awhile this sort of thing was being done with yarn and knitted fabrics to celebrate and promote knitting and fiber arts in general. Haven’t seen it happening lately….. think that knitting has lost a bit of steam.


  2. Yes, exactly. I couldn’t remember “yarn bombing”! It was totally weird and totally cool at the same time.😁 Loved the pics in that post, which for some reason I had not seen. Really liked the spider and the local knitting lady who refused conversation with the delightful assistants. She had enormous will power to resist their charms.

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