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Friday photo: banknotes

Eight days ago, the new Bank of England £10 note was released. It’s made of polymer and is the first British banknote to include raised dots for easy identification by the visually impaired. One side features the Queen and a golden Winchester Cathedral with a silver pound sign beneath it and a quill, which changes in colour from purple to orange when the banknote is flexed. The other side depicts Jane Austen with the Pride and Prejudice quote: “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”. Winchester Cathedral, where Jane Austen is buried, shines through silver on this side and the pound sign is back-to-front in gold.

Bank of England £10 notes polymer


10 thoughts on “Friday photo: banknotes

  1. Wow! This is fabulous. And our Jane Austen is on the back. A tribute to writing and of course Great Britain has contributed so much to literature over the years. I will have to get one as a souvenir the next time I’m in the UK.


  2. Very colourful! I have yet to see one of these! I like the fact that they’ve thought of Jane Austen – I hope she would be flattered. What do you think of the new plastic feel to the notes?


    1. I expect she would be astonished to find herself on a banknote. I quite like the feel of them, and from a hygiene and longevity point of view they certainly seem like a good idea. I can understand people feeling nostalgic about paper notes, but the plastic ones have a lot going for them. The fact that they’re much harder to fake is a major advantage, and they survive washing machines unscathed. One of the downsides might be that they don’t survive a hot iron as well as paper notes do, but since I never iron my currency I don’t consider that a problem.

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      1. Definitely agree from a hygiene point of view, although I might become nostalgic about the smell of notes! I have never ironed notes either, and won’t be trying with these – thanks for the warning! 😀


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