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Friday photo: Pitscandly Hill

A few days ago I visited Murton Farm nature reserve, near Forfar in the county of Angus. On a previous visit, made in the summertime, the landscape was filled with bright yellow gorse and bushy green-leaved trees. By late October it was equally beautiful, with autumnal shades and a feeling of things settling down for the winter.

murton farm
Pitscandly Hill viewed from Murton Farm nature reserve, near Forfar, Angus.

6 thoughts on “Friday photo: Pitscandly Hill

    1. If you don’t mind the cold weather you might enjoy the winter here. I would like to spend the winter somewhere warmer, myself. Having said that, I can’t deny that the scenery does look beautiful even on a freezing cold day when it’s bright and clear.

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  1. Looks like autumn has arrived and it is lovely. I understand about hating to see the leaves go away. When I was living in NH I hated to see it happen because I knew the snow was on its way and would stay for a very long time….. but I did love many things about the area and the winters were also beautiful.

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    1. Autumn has well and truly arrived here now, and it is lovely when the sun hits the fiery leaves. Winter does have its beauty and I didn’t used to mind it so much, but in 2010 we had a particularly long cold winter and that coloured my view of the whole season. There was snow on the ground for five long months and it put me right off the stuff.


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