Friday photo: coastguard

While working at sea, I was occasionally on a ship when it was approached by the local coastguard asking if they could practice manoeuvres. On one memorable occasion, a member of the helicopter crew landed on our vessel, where he had a brief chat with us before being winched back into the chopper. Being a bit of a wag, and aware of a captive audience, he did a few tricks on the way back up. When he turned himself upside down and waggled his legs in the air we gave him a joyous round of applause.

Her Majesty’s Coastguard playing to a captive audience in the North Sea.

10 thoughts on “Friday photo: coastguard

    1. It was impressive. I think they usually just get lowered down onto the boat, wander about a bit then go back up again. I used to work in the oil industry, doing geophysical surveys.


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