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Friday photo: cows and trees

A peaceful scene of contented cows grazing beneath a verdant hillside in Glen Lochay on a beautiful summer’s day. As I look out at the cold grey January weather today, I’m dreaming of countryside rambles under blue skies in warm sunshine.



10 thoughts on “Friday photo: cows and trees

  1. A great photo to remind you of warmer days ahead!! I love those intense greens. Did I ever tell you about the first time I travelled to the UK in 1977? We were to land in London but it was fogged over so we landed it Prestwick, Scotland instead. As we landed, I looked out the window at the fields and exclaimed, “Oh my, look how green it is. Is it real or is it astroturf?” Everyone within hearing distance laughed.


  2. It has been raining here nonstop (almost) for the last three days…… so, this pic cheered me up! Here is to blue skies and the color green!


    1. It is bleak outside at the moment, even without having to prepare a garden, but I hope that went well for you. It’s been dull and grey here for days and it’s hard to feel much like doing anything.


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