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Friday photo: goats

Two wild goats in the Queen Elizabeth forest park in Galloway, Scotland. Supposed to be kept on a strict grass-based diet, this ancient breed of long-haired beasts will happily relieve you of your sandwiches given half a chance.

wild goats
Wild goats on sandwich alert, Queen Elizabeth forest park, Galloway.



11 thoughts on “Friday photo: goats

  1. Great looking goats, Lorna!😊 Could you get close enough to pet them? When I was in NH I learned to spin cashmere goat hair for knitting and weaving. Fiber arts were a big part of the community in that area. The cashmere goats were small and beautiful…. I wanted some.


    1. Thanks, Wendy. I could have petted them if I’d put my hand through the fence they were standing next to, but I didn’t risk it (they apparently eat anything). I’ve seen them out on the road in the past, so there must be a way for them to get beyond the fencing. What an interesting skill to learn, spinning cashmere. Did you make anything with the yarn? Goats can be very endearing, especially the wee ones.


      1. I knitted lace scarves. Knitted lots in NH….. socks, hats, shawls, coverlet. Most everyone knitted, spun or raised sheep for wool there. It is a much warmer climate here and there is not much interest. I must say I miss the fiber community. I am glad that you didn’t risk a goat bite because they will try to eat anything.


      2. Life in NH sounds like a very creative business with all that knitting. I hadn’t thought about this before, but right enough people in warmer climates can’t have much incentive to knit.


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