4 Friday photos: food

I haven’t posted anything for the past few Fridays due to visiting my mum in hospital, and trying to keep up with all the other things in life at the same time. To catch up, I’m posting four photos this Friday. My mum was in hospital for just over three weeks, and my dad and I usually took a picnic lunch from home, eating it between visits in a quiet hospital corridor. On a couple of occasions we bought food in the hospital and the first two photos are examples of what was available there. One day, feeling in need of a treat, we stopped on the way home at Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort and bought ourselves coffee and puddings. The last two photos show the puddings we chose. They were both delicious and we felt quite pampered.

lentil soup
Hospital food: lentil soup in a polystyrene cup with a plastic spoon (the soup was surprisingly good)
chip butty
Hospital food: chip butty (a buttered white bread roll filled with chips)
After Eight cheesecake
Piperdam pudding: After Eight mint cheesecake
Piperdam pudding: sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream

11 thoughts on “4 Friday photos: food

  1. I’m sure you have been kept very busy. Lentil soup is my favourite and it is so nutritious so I would expect a hospital to have it on offer. But I can’t imagine a hospital having something as unhealthy as french fries in a bun available! I must admit I’ve never heard of it before. Those desserts look wonderful. Now I am hungry for an After Eight mint cheesecake! I’m pleased to hear your mom is on the mend. Any idea when she will be able to come home? Hugs to everyone.


    1. Thank you for the hugs, Darlene, much appreciated. It’s quite shocking, the food they have on sale at the hospital – everything with chips, including chips and cheese, chips and beans, and a chip roll like the one I had (the sort of carb-laden bit of stodge I hadn’t had for years but very much enjoyed!). They also have cream filled doughnuts and other fattening cakes, which is very surprising to me. Both desserts were excellent, and that After Eight cheesecake was incredibly light and fluffy. I’m delighted to report that my mum is home now and recuperating well with plenty of healthy food (no chip rolls for her, but the very idea would turn her stomach).

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  2. I like lentil soup, but I’m not so sure about the polystyrene cup! I’ve never had a chip butty – it has never appealed to me, but I keep being told I am missing out . The two puddings look very inviting – in fact I could eat both of them right now!
    I hope your mum is doing well in her recovery.


    1. Thanks, Elaine. I was dubious about the polystyrene too, but the soup tasted very good. I would have to agree with people who say you’re missing out on the chip butty front, it’s a wonderfully filling treat for the odd occasion. Both puddings were top notch and my mum is making good progress, thank you.


      1. Maybe next time I am home I will try a chip butty – maybe I will realise I have been missing out on something all those years since I first saw a friend eating one when I was about 11. It just seemed the most dreadful thing to eat! 🙂 Glad your mum is on the mend.


  3. I hope you mum is now more comfortable and i bet she is glad to be home at last. I am appalled at the idea of a chip butty – no doubt it would be ideal food for someone building a railway – but the idea that a hospital would serve such a thing is depressing. The puddings look like a well-deserved treat, so I’m glad you enjoyed them.


    1. Thanks, Hilary. My mum is hugely relieved to be home, she was desperate to get out of hospital. I’m sure a chip butty would go down very well with busy railway builders, and I wouldn’t blame you for being depressed by the offerings in the hospital eatery. On the up side, it’s not as bad as it was a few years ago, when I couldn’t find a single piece of fresh fruit for sale and every cake was a fat-laden fried or pastry type affair. They now have fresh fruit, such as bananas, apples and oranges (at reasonable prices) as well as chilled boxes of chopped melon and the like, but they’ve kept the chips and greasy stuff for those who want it. The puddings did feel like a lovely treat. 🙂


  4. Welcome home to all of you, Lorna. Know you are glad to be there. I agree that lentil
    soup is yummy…. or can be. This one looks good. I have to agree that the chip butty is pretty revolting…. could be a sort of comfort food for people who are anxious and want to be medicated with fat and empty carbs, which I understand but would decline. I would not decline the cheesecake. Would be good with a wonderful cup of coffee. Hope you all rest and are back to your normal speed soon! You have been missed!


    1. Thank you, Wendy, yes indeed, we are all glad to be home and it’s nice to have been missed. The lentil soup was a very pleasant surprise, and although a lot of people presumably do opt for chips, there were healthier options available, too. The cheesecake was wonderfully light and fluffy and slipped down beautifully with a large cappuccino.


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