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Friday photo: snow

Like many other parts of the UK, eastern Perthshire has had quite a bit of snow this week, being driven in on strong easterly winds from Siberia. In between frequent blizzards, we’ve been fortunate to have some blue skies and sunshine. Scotland’s gritter lorries have been kept busy clearing the major routes, leaving quieter roads, like Keay Street in Blairgowrie, white and powdery.

snowy blairgowrie
Snowy Keay Street, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

14 thoughts on “Friday photo: snow

  1. Sounds like a great day for a cup of tea, s scone, and a good book. We are in the midst of a major wind event here on the east coast of the U.S. It began last night and is supposed to last into tomorrow afternoon. Winds in the 30-60 mph range-some gusts higher than that. Many trees and limbs down. Anyway, stay cozy and warm!


    1. Perfect weather for that threesome, you’re dead right, Wendy. Your weather sounds pretty wild, I hope you’re hunkered down and well sheltered while the storm blows through.

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    1. You’re spot on there, it was an interesting interlude but I feel I’ve had enough now. I was thinking by the weekend we’d be getting back to normal, but it’s still snowing, and according to the forecast it’s going to keep on coming until Sunday 11 March.


  2. Lovely pic, Lorna! It looks as if some vehicles have been getting up and down your road. I hope you’re doing OK for provisions etc. Hardly any snow here – we must be the only part of the country that doesn’t have it!


    1. Thanks, Jo. It’s been very quiet in the streets here with the snow. None of my neighbours have ventured out because our street still hasn’t been cleared, and I haven’t wanted to risk it either. It’s starting to thaw a bit now, which is a relief, because my grocery list is getting rather long. The local shop sold out of bread, milk and most vegetables a couple of days ago, although I think it’s being restocked again now that the roads are getting clearer. It must be strange for you seeing all the hoo-haa on the TV if you haven’t got much snow. It’s unusual for the east of the country to get so much and the west to have so little.

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  3. Well, it is very pretty to look at for awhile….. ten minutes?😁 I watch Skye News some mornings and the snow has been quite a story. We have had weeks of on and off rain here, but we have the sun today I am happy to say. Stay warm!


    1. Whenever we get a fair amount of snow in the UK it becomes headline news. I agree with you that it’s pretty to look at for a short time, but the novelty does wear off quite quickly. I’m glad you’ve had some sunshine and a break from the rain.


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