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Friday photo: peaceful garden

Today’s choice of photo was inspired by the book mentioned in my previous post. The garden shown below is Glenwhan, a beautiful retreat in the quiet area of Galloway, on Scotland’s south-west coast. To my mind, a peaceful garden features a predominance of green, enlivened with small splashes of colour. There’s something soothing about green foliage, in its vast array of shades and textures. Benefiting from a relatively warm, wet climate, Glenwhan is a haven of lush, restful greenery: a refreshingly peaceful garden.

DSC01494 (3)
A grassy path winds its way round a pond at Glenwhan Gardens, Galloway, May 2017.



6 thoughts on “Friday photo: peaceful garden

  1. Looks like a good place to take a book to read while soaking up some sun and enjoying the green. We have green here now but still lots of rain as well. I am beginning to think I am in the Pacific Northwest……🌧🌧🌧😳

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    1. Yes indeed, Wendy, it’s an ideal spot for reading, or just dozing off in the sunshine. The good thing about rain is it makes the plants grow, but I hope you get some sunshine soon, too.

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