Friday photo: a very fancy biscuit

I completely forgot to do a Friday photo last week so I’m posting two today. I recently received an unexpected and splendid present through the post from a friend. The first photo shows the outer packaging and the second shows the contents. It fairly delighted my heart to gaze upon this exceptionally fancy gift and I have no qualms about eating it, because the least I can do is allow it to fulfil its destiny. I bit into it this morning and discovered it was chocolate flavoured and utterly delicious.

Biscuiteers box
A beautifully designed box containing a tasty treat.
fancy biscuit
The fanciest biscuit I’ve ever been given.

10 thoughts on “Friday photo: a very fancy biscuit

  1. I guess it will be sort of like eating a work of art!!😳😳…. do you think you can do it?… or did you do it?😁
    Well, it looks delicious and it is definitely meant to go with a nice cup of coffee and to be joyfully consumed!


    1. I have indeed eaten it, and was delighted by how tasty it was. There was no problem with style over substance on this occasion, it was a biscuit worthy of its decorations.


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