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The first courgette

Three years ago I tried growing courgettes for the first time. I bought a packet of seeds, put two seeds in the ground, and two plants grew up which produced about 80 courgettes between them. I was amazed by the success and keen to try again the following year. Unfortunately, on my second attempt slugs ate the plants before they could bear fruit, and the same thing happened the year after.

This year, hopeful of beating the slugs, I tried planting a couple of seeds in pots instead. Only one of them came up, but it began growing into a healthy-looking plant. By the time it was big enough to start fruiting, I transplanted it into a space next to where some lettuces had been growing well with no sign of slug damage.

There are now several courgettes growing happily on the plant and today I harvested my first one of the season. It formed part of a vegetable pasta dish which, if I’d thought of it soon enough, I’d have photographed to add to this post.

First homegrown courgette of 2018.

17 thoughts on “The first courgette

  1. It looks delicious. I grew zucchini (courgettes) in Alberta and they produced so many I had to give some away. They do well in hot dry climates. Too bad about the slugs.


    1. I know what you mean, I was struggling to find uses for them when I had so many. We’ve had a warm dry summer so far, so that probably bodes well for this year’s crop. Slugs are a real nuisance, but they don’t seem to be coming anywhere near my plants this year, which is great.


    1. Thanks, Wendy. I don’t know why it is that Brits use the French word and Americans use the Italian term. I’ve often seen the word ‘zucchini’ in non-British recipes but I didn’t realise ‘courgette’ was so alien to people in the States.

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    2. I was confused at first too. How about our North American eggplant called an aubergine in the UK? Two great countries divided by a common language, Of course in Spain, they are all called something different again. LOL


    1. Thanks, Jo, I believe courgette plants are often very productive, but I wasn’t prepared for the number I got. I’m hoping for a repeat performance this year although I only have one plant.

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    1. Is there a hosepipe ban in place with you? We had a long spell of no rain, which was most unusual, but it rained here yesterday and it’s raining as I write this morning. I hope some of it travels south to reach you soon.


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