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Friday photo: duck bath

I was delighted the other day, when visiting the farm shop tearoom at Trumperton Forge in Angus, to see that the farmyard animals had been given a way of cooling down in the hot weather. Several large plastic containers filled with water were being enjoyed by the ducks.

duck in pod
Cooling down on a hot day in Angus.



8 thoughts on “Friday photo: duck bath

  1. That looks like a happy duck! So nice that they take good care of the animals. What are your temperatures like there now? Thanks for the nice pic.


    1. Thanks Wendy, It certainly looked like a happy duck. We’ve had more warm weather than usual this summer, with temperatures often in the mid-20s Celsius (high 70s F). It’s very unusual to have more than a handful of days like that but we’ve had weeks of it now, and we’ve had very little rain, which is also unusual.


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