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Friday photo: alien shadow

This is a tortoiseshell butterfly I saw the other day. Despite its loveliness, the shadow it casts makes me think of a menacing alien. If it were several times larger and looming over me in unfamiliar circumstances I think my heart rate would increase quite rapidly.

small tortoiseshell
Small tortoiseshell with sinister shadow.

10 thoughts on “Friday photo: alien shadow

  1. Lovely butterfly, but that is a large shadow! Very nice butterfly shot. Is your summer still providing nice temps and sun? Know you are loving the good weather.


    1. Thank you, Wendy. We’ve still got our heatwave, although we’re due a change overnight with heavy rain that should clear the air. It’s been very humid and I think a storm would provide the refreshment we need. I hope you’re enjoying some fine summer weather, too.


  2. Beautifully captured although the shadow is menacing.
    Nice to hear you are having some warm weather there this summer. I hope it will still be warm in August.


    1. Thanks, Heather. It has been unseasonably warm and dry here this summer, although we’ve got a bit of respite at the moment with some much-needed rain. I hope it stays nice for your trip.

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