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Friday photo: musk mallow

Yesterday, while wandering around the magnificent walled garden at Cambo Estate near St Andrews in Fife, I came upon a drift of beautiful pale pink musk mallows (Malva moschata). I bought a packet of musk mallow seeds earlier this year and am looking forward to growing them in the spring. Mine are white with just a touch of pink in the middle, but I wouldn’t mind some of these lovely pale pink ones as well.

musk mallow
Pale pink musk mallows at Cambo Estate, near St Andrews, Fife.

8 thoughts on “Friday photo: musk mallow

  1. These flowers are lovely….. sort of willowy and old fashioned. Love the color. Looks a bit lavender colored. Please send pics later of your own after they bloom.


    1. They do look old-fashioned and I think they are a traditional cottage garden flower. I hope mine grow well enough to deserve photographing, I’ll keep you posted.


    1. It is heartening to see flowers late in summer and even into autumn. I planted French marigolds in the spring that came up beautifully as big strong plants but took ages to flower. They only started blooming a few days ago so I hope they go on for a while yet.

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