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Friday photo: sunflower

This lone sunflower fortuitously sprang up unexpectedly in the garden. For several weeks I’ve been watching with interest, waiting to see what it would look like when it flowered. A couple of days ago its petals unfurled and it’s been attracting bees ever since. I’m looking forward to collecting the seeds and planting more next year.

An unexpected, and most welcome, sunflower in the garden.

12 thoughts on “Friday photo: sunflower

    1. Pink and yellow makes me think of childhood sweets. I take it you were never a fan of pear drops. I know what you mean about colour combinations because I have the same sort of thing with pink and orange. I planted nasturtiums near what I had forgotten were pink phlox and when the phlox came out I was horrified by the colour clash. It still irks me when I see it but I’m trying to think of it as a useful learning experience.


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