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Friday photo: spidery shadows

A spider plant casts its shadows in the conservatory at Abbotsford in the Scottish Borders.



9 thoughts on “Friday photo: spidery shadows

    1. Thanks, Darlene. Spider plants remind me of my sister when we were children. She had them all over her bedroom, hanging in baskets and sitting on shelves. They were forever producing more baby plants.

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  1. I think that they are very interesting and your sister must have had a great way with them. I was intrigued with them but the one I had died….. this, by the way, surprised no one.


    1. Thank you, Jo. I wonder if spider plant fashion was linked to the fad for macrame. I remember in my youth there was a craze for making macrame baskets that could be suspended from the ceiling. It was common practise to put spider plants in them, I suppose because they were easy to grow and branched out nicely.

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