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Friday photo: moorland

Last weekend, after lunch out in Moulin (near Pitlochry in Perthshire), my parents and I enjoyed a drive along the road to Kirkmichael. Much of the surrounding countryside is moorland, with scattered rocky peaks and forests. The hillside rising up to the right hand side of the picture is the westerly edge of Ben Vrackie, Pitlochry’s local mountain attraction. This is the sort of scenery you might expect to see red grouse in, and I did indeed spot some lurking amongst the heather further along the road.

moorland above moulin
Moorland above Moulin in Perthshire, with possible red grouse hidden from view.

12 thoughts on “Friday photo: moorland

  1. Also lurking in the heather are the remains of hut circles, areas where the contemporaries of my ancestors built their primitive dwellings. I know because I once trekked over that ground and found the evidence. I believe that my ancestors lived farther west in Scotland, but in similar terrain and in similar accommodation.

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      1. It’s finally beginning to look and feel more like fall here in Virginia. Our trees usually don’t reach peak color until the third or fourth week in October. I love this time of year so much.


  2. Very nice pic, Lorna. Did you post a picture from this area before? Seems like I remember something similar. Anyway, it is lovely scenery and looks like it would be a relaxing drive. The hut circles sound fascinating.


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