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Friday photo: clever construction

While out for a walk at Murton Farm nature reserve in the county of Angus last month, I passed an interestingly constructed dry stone wall. The first photo shows a section with a large boulder at the bottom and flatter stones placed around it at different angles. In the second picture you can see more of the wall, with another smaller boulder to the left of the big one. Scotland has a lot of dry stone walls made with no ‘glue’ to hold the stones together, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like this before.

Section of an unusual dry stone wall at Murton Farm nature reserve, Angus. 
wall 2
Dry stone wall at Murton Farm with two boulders at the bottom.

7 thoughts on “Friday photo: clever construction

  1. I’ve been told that dry stane (Scottish for stone) wallers (people who build walls) deliberately make the top levels of their constructions look insecure to discourage sheep, goats, etc., from trying to get over them. My attempts to get confirmation of this from the animals themselves have been unsuccessful so far.

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  2. Those walls are so impressive, especially the first one with the huge boulder….what timeless structures. I also think that interviewing a few sheep could be very interesting, depending on their mood of course!


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