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Friday trio: welcome home

I’ve been away on holiday, so I’m catching up on missed Friday photos by posting three today. Thanks to a long, warm summer and a remarkably mild autumn in Scotland so far, gardens continue to bloom beyond the usual time. When I came back from holiday I wondered if there would be any flowers left since it was halfway through October. I was delighted to find there was plenty still blooming, including the plants shown below. It’s turned significantly colder today and there might even be a touch of snow over the weekend, so I suspect this is the last hurrah.

Cosmos ‘sweet sixteen’, a lovely mixture of pale pink and white flowers with soft yellow centres and delicate feathery leaves.
White alyssum: there are large clusters of this around the garden and although it died down late in the summer, it surprisingly burst into bloom again just as I was thinking of pulling it all up.
passion flower
This passionflower has done remarkably well and seems to like its home, creeping up a sunny south-east facing fence. It’s the second passionflower I’ve tried to grow; the first one produced no flowers at all before it eventually died, so I’m especially pleased with this one.

9 thoughts on “Friday trio: welcome home

  1. The flowers are so lovely! I thought perhaps you had been away. I do hope we get to read about it. Thanks for all the comments on my posts. It was like having a great conversation with you. xo


  2. Welcome home! Everyone needs a holiday from time to time. Flowers are lovely. I really like the cosmos and I take a passionflower tincture for sleep from time to time that my daughter makes. Enjoy being home again.


    1. Thanks, Elaine. I think those passionflowers are the most exotic-looking things in this garden. I’ve recently learned that passionflowers like their roots to have restricted growth, and if they have too much space to roam below ground don’t produce flowers. That may have been the problem I had last time. I was concerned I might have hemmed this one into rather a small, tight space next to a fence, but it seems to be just what it likes.


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