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Friday photo: small gardens

This is Routine Row, a narrow lane of red-roofed houses, with colourfully painted window surrounds, in the village of Kilrenny in Fife. Its whitewashed cottages are all attached to each other, with very small front gardens. Despite the lack of space a few planted pots, hanging baskets and window boxes, added to some ground-level foliage, produces a cheering and welcoming effect.

DSC06568 (2)
Small gardens on Routine Row in the village of Kilrenny, Fife.

9 thoughts on “Friday photo: small gardens

  1. Quaint and inviting. I cannot imagine living in an attached house (did I say that correctly?), although I know that is a fairly common arrangement in many places. It is a very nice photograph.


    1. Thanks, Wendy. You’re quite right, these are attached, or terraced, houses. Old ones like these tend to have very thick walls, so that you have good insulation from your neighbours. The more modern ones tend to have thinner walls, which can be a problem with noise.


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