I’ve created more than a dozen blogs over the past few years, but have given this one my own name in the hope that it will encourage me to make it my main home online. Only time will tell if this proves successful.

Aside from all this blogging, I look after my octogenarian parents and the house we all live in (in Perthshire, Scotland). We try to take regular health-giving walks, punctuated with visits to eateries, and enjoy exploring the countryside around where we live. (Some of these excursions can be found on this blog: The Delightful Assistants.)

For the past few years I’ve set myself a target number of books to read within a 12 month period, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Some of the books I read inspire me to write reviews (you can find them on Fiction reviews and Non-fiction reviews). I’ve also devised a rating system for novels, which I call ‘The 4 Ps‘. A list of novels rated this year can be found here.