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Friday photo: robin in the snow

We had quite a bit of snow yesterday morning, but in the afternoon the sun came out and brightened things up. I expect the birds enjoy a bit of winter warmth on their feathers, just as humans appreciate it against the skin.

Robin in the snow, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.
Robin in the snow, sunny Perthshire.
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Friday photo: twisted tree

Yesterday was a glorious day in sunny Perthshire, cold and crisp with a clear blue sky. While out for a health-giving walk, I passed a curiously twisted tree. I don’t suppose I’d have noticed it if it had been covered in leaves, but at this time of year its pale bark and empty branches stood out against the background field.

twisted tree
Twisted tree, Rattray, Perthshire.
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Friday photo: Pitscandly Hill

A few days ago I visited Murton Farm nature reserve, near Forfar in the county of Angus. On a previous visit, made in the summertime, the landscape was filled with bright yellow gorse and bushy green-leaved trees. By late October it was equally beautiful, with autumnal shades and a feeling of things settling down for the winter.

murton farm
Pitscandly Hill viewed from Murton Farm nature reserve, near Forfar, Angus.