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Friday photo: autumn woods

I took this picture a few days ago in Darroch Wood, on the outskirts of Blairgowrie. In springtime it’s a riot of bluebells under fresh green oaks. At this time of year, as the leaves are turning, bracken and ferns crowd the forest floor.

autumn woods
Darroch Wood, Blairgowrie, October 2017.



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Friday photo: Glenshee

The red car in the middle of this photograph is driving north on the A93 road, through Glenshee in Perthshire. After winding round the mountain in the middle of the picture, the road has a long, steep climb up to the Glenshee ski centre. At that point, it is the highest public road in the UK, at 670 metres (2199 feet) above sea level. It often gets blocked by snow in the winter, but at this time of year it makes for a lovely drive.

A red car makes its way north along the A93 through Glenshee in Perthshire.