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Friday photo: lupins

A swathe of magnificent purple lupins at Dirnanean Garden in Perthshire.

P1100051 (2)
Lupins, Dirnanean Garden, Perthshire.

Friday photo: a very fancy biscuit

I completely forgot to do a Friday photo last week so I’m posting two today. I recently received an unexpected and splendid present through the post from a friend. The first photo shows the outer packaging and the second shows the contents. It fairly delighted my heart to gaze upon this exceptionally fancy gift and I have no qualms about eating it, because the least I can do is allow it to fulfil its destiny. I bit into it this morning and discovered it was chocolate flavoured and utterly delicious.

Biscuiteers box
A beautifully designed box containing a tasty treat.
fancy biscuit
The fanciest biscuit I’ve ever been given.
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Friday photo: unicorn on a bicycle

The Fife village of Pittenweem has become well known in recent years for its decorated bicycles. Each year, as part of Pittenweem in Bloom, bicycles pop up all over the place as vehicles for floral displays. Today’s photo depicts the magnificent rainbow-coloured beast I saw parked outside the post office a few days ago.

Unicorn on a bicycle