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Friday photo: dozing ducks

This picture was taken on the pebbly eastern bank of Loch Tay, at Kenmore in Perthshire. There were quite a few ducks splashing about in the water, and a more sedentary lot lined up on the shore, dozing peacefully in the sunshine.

DSC01750 (2)
Ducks on Loch Tay, at Kenmore in Perthshire.
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Friday photo: moorland mosaic

This picture shows the effects of rotational heather burning on a moorland in the county of Angus. The purplish patches on the hillside are areas of heather that have been burned in different years. Burning heather gets rid of older plants and encourages new growth, and burning small areas in successive years creates a patchwork of plants of different heights. Moorlands like this one support a variety of wildlife, including several species of ground-nesting birds that prefer to nest in recently burned areas.

P1080607 (2)
A moorland mosaic of burned heather patches near Loch of Lintrathen, Angus.


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Friday photo: baby deer

While out for a walk yesterday I saw a delightful little family in a field near my house. One of Britain’s native deer species, roe deer are a not uncommon sight in Scotland, but I don’t think I’ve seen a mother and her two wee ones out and about like this before.

Mother and two baby roe deer, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.